Façade Restoration

Restoring buildings to their former glory is our area of expertise. We are highly qualified in restoring a wide range of façades from stone and terra cotta to brick and concrete. Additionally we as a company significantly value protecting historical architecture and offer historical structure preservation services.

Pointing, Brick Replacement, and Matching/Replicating Mortar & Brick Color &Texture

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Leak Detection

Structural Examination, Thermographic Technology, Flood Testing, Exterior Materials Inspection, and Recommendations


Caulking (joint sealants) Installation, Repair, and Replacement

Caulking & Joint Sealants
Protective Coating

Breathable Water Repellant Application, Clear Sealer Application (impermeable to gasoline, oil, etc.), Concrete Exterior Wall Coatings, and Vehicle or Pedestrian Trafficked Surfaces Protection Application (parking structure, stadiums, etc.)


Hot Applied, Sheet Applied, Fluid Applied, and Bentonite System (including underground structures, terrace, or plaza deck surfaces)

Wall Flashing Replacement, Vent & Weeps Replacement, and Waterproofing any Cavity Repairs

FlashinG & Sheet metal

Deck Membrane Replacement, Steel Framework Stabilization, and New or Recovered Material Replacement


Slate, Copper, Tile, Terra Cotta, Gutters, Downleaders, and More

Investigating Issues, Determining a Plan, and Remaining True to the Original Appearance & Functionality


Repair Cracks, Remove Deterioration, Patching, and Structural Steel Rebar Repairs or Replacement

Terra Cotta

Removing, Cataloging, Rebuilding, Replacing, Patching, and Re-glazing

roofing & Sheet Metal

Often times during restoration projects the buildings we encounter will have additional issues beyond just addressing the façade restoration. Luckily, we are capable of numerous types of repairs that complement the restoration process.

Structural Protection

Another area of expertise is our ability to protect buildings and structures from common irritants, mainly moisture, but also traffic, weather, and other penetrating substances. Proper waterproofing, caulking, and protective coatings are arguable the most important determinant in masonry deterioration and problems. We provide these services during restoration efforts and to new construction projects.

Architectural Maintenance

Protecting your buildings or masonry structures through regular maintenance is critical to prevent deterioration and therefore saves time and money. Movement, pollutants, age, weather, moisture, and more are constantly impacting architecture. Detecting issues sooner rather than later can mean the difference between a minor repair and a major restoration project. We offer different maintenance services that are sure to keep you ahead of the curve. With years of combined experience our team can give expert advice as to the structural and  masonry needs of your buildings.


Patching, Rebuilding, Repointing, Resurfacing, and Cleaning all stones

Structural Examination, Needs Evaluation, and Corrective Measures Assessment